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What we do

Our business services are designed to be user-inclusive and guaranteed to increase the efficiency of any organisational process initiative. We bring first-hand knowledge, techniques, and industrial experience to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your business requirements.

We help narrow the gap between business requirements and IT ensuring clarity, better customer service, and making sure projects are accurate, on time and within budget.

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Together we achieve.

Services We Provide

Experienced in project management, business analysis, consulting, development, systems integration, training and support, we work with you to deliver innovative, automated business process solutions to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Our consultants are experienced professionals and bring with them firsthand knowledge, techniques and industrial experience to ensure you get the best possible outcome. If you have invested in leading BPM platforms from OpenText, Intapp, or K2, we can help.

To help organisations achieve further value and benefits, we have developed MaruBPM. MaruBPM is a BPM framework that provides the best of both worlds; a BPM development platform with full programming power that is 100 percent customisable.


Business analysis is the discipline of identifying and gathering business requirements and determining solutions to business problems.

Being an intermediary between the IT and Business teams, we ensure business goals are aligned to IT solutions, to save the company time and money.

Our documentation is clear, simple and to the point to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.


To ensure projects achieve more of the benefits and values outlined in your business case, you need to focus on value realization.

Our POL ± (Process – Organisation – Location) methodology provides a detailed report on the project. The information obtained is analysed to achieve a high-level understanding of the impact on the process. In addition, we focus on people, culture, capabilities, roles, team structures, and organisational units.


Quite often, Organisations do not plan effective business change activities resulting in poor operational readiness to adopt new ways of working.

End-users typically don’t adopt new processes and instead use workarounds rather than accept new tools/methods.

We apply a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization's goals, processes or technologies ensuring strategies are in place for effecting change and helping end-users to adapt to change.

Project Management

We help firms achieve their project objectives according to the acceptance criteria within agreed parameters by engaging with core users, IT and 3rd party.

We ensure that the final deliverables are constrained to defined timescales and budget and ensure smooth running of the project from inception to completion.


Experts in key disciplines, Our Business Consultants bring with them first-hand knowledge, techniques, and industrial expertise to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your investment by providing answers and solutions to your business process issues and / or challenge(s).

Our Business Consultants offer advice and expertise to improve business process performance in areas such as operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy.

Training & Mentoring

We provide interactive and informative training courses, designed for both management and development staff.

We also offer mentoring packages for organisations who wish to undertake developments 'in-house'.