Get maximum benefit from your investment


Experienced in project management, business analysis, consulting, development, systems integration, training and support, we work with you to deliver innovative, automated business process solutions to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Our consultants are experienced professionals and bring with them firsthand knowledge, techniques and industrial experience to ensure you get the best possible outcome. If you have invested in leading BPM platforms from OpenText, Intapp, or K2, we can help.

To help organisations achieve further value and benefits, we have developed MaruBPM. MaruBPM is a BPM framework that provides the best of both worlds; a BPM development platform with full programming power that is 100 percent customisable.

3d bespoke solutions

Discover - Design - Deploy

We run interactive workshops to understand your current process ('As-Is') and capture the best possible 'To-Be' requirements. The requirements are documented to create a specification document that consists of a detailed solution architecture along with timescales and costings.

Through the use of Agile or Waterfall methodologies, we ensure project visibility with our clients is maintained continuously, and developments are transparent. We work alongside our clients during UAT and provide on-going support and training as necessary.

ROI & GAP Analysis

Process - Organisation - Location

Our POL ± methodology provides a detailed report on a project. The information obtained is analysed to achieve a high-level understanding of the impact on the process. In addition, we focus on people, culture, capabilities, roles, team structures, and organisational units.

Finally, we evaluate the physical location and facilities where people and technology reside. Our findings are documented as Gap (±) where the 'To-Be' differs from the 'As-Is', and identified differences are categorised as benefits or limitations!

Pre-Built Solutions

Our pre-built solutions have been designed to accelerate your developments. The pre-built solutions are ready to go out of the box or can be used as a starting point to achieve the desired requirements.

Application Support

Our support services can be tailored to meet your needs. We can support your entire suite of BPM solutions or a single business-critical application. We become an extension of your team and ensure SLAs are met.


Our consultants are experienced BPM professionals and experts in key disciplines. They bring with them firsthand knowledge, techniques and industrial expertise to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your investment.

Training & Mentoring

We provide interactive and informative BPM training courses, designed for both management and development staff. We also offer mentoring packages for organisations who wish to undertake developments 'in-house'.